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Welcome to the Hetman Hotel in Kamyanets-Podilskyi

Kamyanets-Podilskyi is an old Ukrainian city, which was founded more than 9 centuries ago and named the Pearl of Podillia or Pearl on the stone. Every year thousands of tourists visit this unique museum in the open air, where each stone remembers lots of horrifying moments, where every nook is filled with legends and inimitable tune of travelling. This will make you fall in love with our city. The voice of history of Kamyanets-Podilskyi is heard through the shape and the architecture of its buildings. The Old Castle, Polska and Ruska Gates, Dominican Roman-Catholic church, St. Peter and Paul's Cathedral the Ukrainian and Polish magistrates, the Armenian Well and bastion, and Polskyi Rynok (Polish Market) Square are the marks of history.
The Hetman Hotel is located in the Polish Market. In the XVIII century, the owner of the house restored it, and enrolled his name on the map of Kamyanets-Podilskyi.

Today, the memorial plate on the front of the building goes: "Here... in 1735, this stone building was restored by Sever Ovansovych". The building preserved some specific patterns of its original design and typical structure of the stone houses of the Renaissance.

The owners of the Hotel do their best to preserve the history of the city both outside and inside the ancient building.

As mother is proud of her child, so we are proud of our Hetman Hotel. The reason for this is that this Hotel has the highgest standards of living and servicing. It looks like the museum, dedicated to the cossaks and their hetmans.

If you want to find out more about it, come to our Hotel and take a look at the beautiful paintings on the walls, portraying our glorious hetmans.
High-quality service, individual approach to every customer is the smallest part of what we can offer you. Aesthetically designed rooms with all conveniences, such as shower with massage, satellite TV (more than 250 channels), air conditioners in every room, etc.

There are rooms of different categories, such as Suite Rooms, Junior Suite Rooms and the Penthouse in the hotel. The polite and pleasant personnel provides the highest quality service. The wooden furnitures of the Hetman Hotel are environmentally friendly.
There is a well-equipped sauna, where you can relax and get rid of tension and tiredness.

You will feel like home in the rooms of our Hotel.