Герб готелю
герб міста

The Hetman Restaurant

It is rather difficult to tell anything about the Hotel complex and the restaurant, - you need to see them by yourself, feel the spirit of the Cossacks and atmosphere of an ancient Ukrainian dwelling. As a matter of fact, while wandering in the Hotel and restaurant, you can learn the history of Ukraine. Also, you will find a waterfall, wonderful sculptures, pictures, antiques, and photos there.

There are two stylized banquet rooms and separate rooms in the restaurant of the Hotel, where, in addition to delight from the Ukrainian dishes, baked in the stove, you can learn the history of the wind instruments, and where the Ukrainian rural dwelling is reproduced. By the way, you can observe the cooking process through a special window. Modern and ancient Ukrainian music is played for our guests. The only this is left to do – visit it!

And also in the restaurant you can order and celebrate the true Ukrainian wedding accompanied by theater Ukrainian song "Indian summer", artistic director Natalia (tel. (097) 793-45-01.)

Minimum order in our restaurant is 150 UAH


We are looking forward to seeing you!